We're Not the Good Guys

High Rise Hijinks

September 13, 2072

The groups meets with a new Johnson. Mr Johnson explains that a reporter for the Seattle Spectator has come across some info that should stay hidden. The datafile is now in the reporter’s apartment on the 12th story of a high-security high-rise. With the assisstance of a hired mage the group carjacks and kidnaps the reporter and then repeatedly stun/revive/torture hum. Afterward they force him to escort two of the runners past the buildings security. Having found the info the runners must set a fire and then shoot their way through secuity to escape.
After the run is completed two of the runners cut the reporters thumbs off and leave him hanging by his wrists and bleeding heavily in an abandoned building in the Redmond Barrens.

Griffin Quest
...when do we get to shoot somebody?

September 8, 2072

A runner named Griffin was hired by one of Dodger’s competitors to steal a data file. In the process of stealing the file Griffin is mortally wounded and because of his wounds, crashes his car in the Redmond Barrens. The car and Griffin’s body are stripped by the residents of the Barrens. The mission is to find the datafile as quickly as possible. After following numerous dead ends the group locates a witness to the crash that identifies the Bloody Spikes as the first people to search the car after the crash. After negotiation it is learned that the Spikes did indeed find Griffin’s commlink with the datafile on it. The group agrees to help the Spikes by exterminating a nest of insect spirits in exchange for the commlink. After the hive is destroyed, the Spikes turn over the commlink which is then turned over to Dodger. Mission accomplished.

ROAD HAWG Rampage!
...a preview of things to come?

September 6, 2072

The group meets their fixer, Dodger, at bar & grill named the Regal Beagle. Dodger explains that an acquaintance named Two-Tone had used Dodger to set up a meeting and then used that meeting to rob and kill the Johnson. Dodger views this as a breech of his trust and bad business practice. The job is simple: send a message by making a bloody example of Two-Tone and his gang. The group locates Two-Tone and 7 other Demon Chrome gangers at a bar called the Road Hawg. In the ensuing ambush all 8 Demon Chrome and 3 bystanders are slaughtered. The group presents Two-Tone’s bike to Dodger as a trophy.

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