We're Not the Good Guys

ROAD HAWG Rampage!

...a preview of things to come?

September 6, 2072

The group meets their fixer, Dodger, at bar & grill named the Regal Beagle. Dodger explains that an acquaintance named Two-Tone had used Dodger to set up a meeting and then used that meeting to rob and kill the Johnson. Dodger views this as a breech of his trust and bad business practice. The job is simple: send a message by making a bloody example of Two-Tone and his gang. The group locates Two-Tone and 7 other Demon Chrome gangers at a bar called the Road Hawg. In the ensuing ambush all 8 Demon Chrome and 3 bystanders are slaughtered. The group presents Two-Tone’s bike to Dodger as a trophy.



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