We're Not the Good Guys

Griffin Quest

...when do we get to shoot somebody?

September 8, 2072

A runner named Griffin was hired by one of Dodger’s competitors to steal a data file. In the process of stealing the file Griffin is mortally wounded and because of his wounds, crashes his car in the Redmond Barrens. The car and Griffin’s body are stripped by the residents of the Barrens. The mission is to find the datafile as quickly as possible. After following numerous dead ends the group locates a witness to the crash that identifies the Bloody Spikes as the first people to search the car after the crash. After negotiation it is learned that the Spikes did indeed find Griffin’s commlink with the datafile on it. The group agrees to help the Spikes by exterminating a nest of insect spirits in exchange for the commlink. After the hive is destroyed, the Spikes turn over the commlink which is then turned over to Dodger. Mission accomplished.



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